Attention Wrinkle Cream Manufacturers

Wrinkle Creams.  At a certain age which is different for everyone, but generally in the late 30’s and 40’s etc, we start looking to wrinkle creams to attempt to capture the reflection we saw in the mirror only yesterday it seems.  We search the internet, we ask our friends, we watch Dr. Oz to see which concoctions will provide us the miracle we are looking for to turn back the hands of time.  Then, it happens.  We make our purchases and take them home.  We gleefully open the bag and remove the boxes and bottles of youth.  We want to make sure we do it exactly right so we look for the instructions which we intend to follow to perfections.  And then, right before us, is something that looks like this:







Can you read that? I bet you can’t if you are old enough to need wrinkle cream!  I bet you are trying desperately to enlarge it, take a picture of it, find a magnifying glass – of course after squinting your very best to see it!  MY POINT EXACTLY!


  • I need a wrinkle cream
  • I most likely also can’t see as well as I did in my 20’s
  • If I am to use your “Miracle cream” I need to be able to READ THE DIRECTIONS!
  • If your intention is for us to squint so much that we make more wrinkles…… mission accomplished

Ok, I’ve said enough.  Your turn.