What is it about fear that seems to paralyze us?  Why do we let an emotion stop us from living and making good choices for ourselves?

I have recently watched fear work it’s evil magic and literally seen it weave it’s ugly web around someone I dearly love entrapping them in to a state of denial and watching them hold themselves hostage to a situation that is not healthy.


Jesus told us over an over in scripture, “fear not”.  Why do you think He needed to repeat himself?  Because fear is the enemy’s way of keeping us from fully living God’s perfect plan.  The truth is that fear is not only an emotion but a spirit of evil.  There is good fear.  It is fear of the Lord which means to honor and respect and reverence Him.  The fear that comes from the enemy is like a warm blanket gently covering you.  It seems comfortable and easy at first and then the blanket begins to smother you and your are bound and helpless.

Scripture often talks about fear melting hearts.  There are no truer words.  Our heart (our center of life, the symbol of courage) is at the mercy of fear if we let it.  When we accept a fear and resist to challenge it, our courage and our very life melts away.

I am in prayer today for my loved one and for myself and everyone.  That when fear tries to come and steal our life we will stand up and declare that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of a spirit of POWER and LOVE and a SOUND MIND.  These are the weapons God has given us to fight AND WIN against the spirit of fear.  It is a war and I pray we all fight and live a life of excellence and joy.


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I am a 47 year old Mother of 1 who just married her high school sweetheart 2 years ago. We are now working together in our Marketing Firm that we created. I am the geeky one, so I do all the facebook, twitter, klout, + google, LinkedIn, etc... My husband has been in some kind of sales for almost all his life. I often say he can sell and eskimo ice!

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