Ok – this is a warning. I’m about to share an opinion.

It seems that there is not a day that goes by that I am driving or with someone who is driving and either we make a mistake or another driver makes a mistake.  Tempers flair and I can at least testify that words are spoken that are less than kind.

The fact is, we have NO IDEA who the other person is in that vehicle and what they may be going through.  We just “assume” they are “a jerk” or “an idiot” and “malicious” or “stupid”.  And the other drivers, I am quite sure think the same of us. But think of this next time someone pulls in front of you or veers in your lane etc…  Maybe, just maybe they are like just the few people I am about to mention that I know personally including myself. Maybe  they just lost a loved one.  Maybe they are going through the physical fight of their life.  Maybe they are so exhausted keeping a sick baby.  Maybe they are doing everything they can just to keep it together mentally.

Today, I woke up dizzy and disoriented from a physical battle I am fighting and I had just left the chiropractor and was just trying to get in the other lane so I could get some coffee for my husband who is also facing a physical battle.  I turn my signal on and have to pull in front of a vehicle to get where I need to be.  This person speeds up and gets on my bumper and acts like he is going to hit my car.  REALLY?  Have you never made a mistake in your life?  Are you so self absorbed that you think I am intentionally trying to cause an accident?  So, you are mad and zoom around me – showing me what a man you are and I’m left in a puddle of tears because I’m just trying to survive this day.  I’m sorry – OK?  I just hope that someday when you are going through something difficult you will show a little kindness when someone does something wrong.

Well, I also have to say to myself as I wipe my tears that I will consider that he isn’t just an a-hole, but maybe he has had a hard morning.  Maybe he’s late for a job interview that he really needs.  I don’t know what he is going through either.   So today I choose to let it go and get where I need the best and safest way I know how and cry and scream if I need to, but make no other judgements other than I will try better next time.  How about you??


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I am a 47 year old Mother of 1 who just married her high school sweetheart 2 years ago. We are now working together in our Marketing Firm that we created. I am the geeky one, so I do all the facebook, twitter, klout, + google, LinkedIn, etc... My husband has been in some kind of sales for almost all his life. I often say he can sell and eskimo ice!

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