This weekend was Labor Day weekend.  It’s supposed to be a time to relax and have fun with family and friends.  In central Texas this weekend however, people were racing out of their homes grasping onto the things that were precious to them as fire raged towards them.  The fires have not ended for many.  Others began yesterday going to the plot of charred land that used to be called “Home”.

We live very close to all of this and on top of a very tall hill.  We could see fire from every direction.  On Monday, ashes were blowing up to our hill.  I kept thinking, “This was someone’s possessions, now blowing in the wind”.  I made boxes of legal papers and made a plan of what I would take with me “just in case”.  But, when you really think of it, it is all just ashes eventually.  The people that surround us are so important to us and often we treat the “things” we treasure better than the people we say we treasure.  Why is that?  Why can’t we remember with sufficient force to love people and know that things are  just things.

I’ve also thought often during this weekend of the police and fire fighters and other workers trying so desperately to save homes and property.  I wonder if their property was in danger.  I wonder what their families were doing while these courageous people risked their lives to save lives, but also to save “stuff”.  I know it’s their job and I am so glad that people are willing to do it.  But just think – they gave up their “Labor Day Weekend” for us!  Now that is amazing to me – job or volunteer!

I want to dedicate this blog to all of those who have and are continuing to work so hard to help friends, family and strangers find their way back to “normal”.  I also am hoping that we can become a little more conscious of the people we have around us and a little less self absorbed with our “stuff”.


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I am a 47 year old Mother of 1 who just married her high school sweetheart 2 years ago. We are now working together in our Marketing Firm that we created. I am the geeky one, so I do all the facebook, twitter, klout, + google, LinkedIn, etc... My husband has been in some kind of sales for almost all his life. I often say he can sell and eskimo ice!

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