My Opinion

Have you ever been somewhere at a business establishment and thought to yourself, “I sure wish they would ask me my opinion”.  I certainly have.  I have, on a number of occasions thought of countless ways that they could do business better.

For instance, in one chain department store they cram the racks so full of stuff you can’t get your fingers in between the hangers to find your size.  And, unless you are a size 0, you can hardly walk in between each rack to get to the next one.  Ok, so I get it.  You want to show us that you have a bunch of stuff.  I would much rather see less and feel more comfortable.

I recently also heard of another department store that turns their air conditioning off at 10pm and doesn’t turn it on again until 10am.  Really? This is your way of conserving electricity?  I dare say that I wouldn’t go in there and sweat my brains off to purchase anything, much less deal with the obviously cranky sales people having to stay there all day in the heat.

So, here I am posting my opinions about things.  I will continue to do so as cases arise.  Let me know your opinion.


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I am a 47 year old Mother of 1 who just married her high school sweetheart 2 years ago. We are now working together in our Marketing Firm that we created. I am the geeky one, so I do all the facebook, twitter, klout, + google, LinkedIn, etc... My husband has been in some kind of sales for almost all his life. I often say he can sell and eskimo ice!

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